Gaming has become a big business, especially for 2 of the most well known companies in the western world. Most gamers know all about console wars and for these competing brands this most definitely is a battle. The gamer industry has many platforms and it can get hard choosing the best option. When Sony’s PS4 (Playstation 4) is compared to Microsoft’s Xbox One, Sony has the definite edge in many aspects, and is the desirable purchase. The Performance on the Xbox One, and visuals including side-by-side footage of video games played on each option are inferior to Microsoft and the Xbox. Although not a particularly crucial issue, the PS4 is almost 2 lbs lighter and also includes an internal power supply. The hard-working men at Microsoft do indeed have a solid system, and win out on some minor elements. Nonetheless, the 2 main console creators will continue their rivalry when these titans face off once again in the fall of 2017.


Resolution is easy to judge, bigger is better. It’s a bold statement from Microsoft to release their console with a lower picture quality compared to a close competitor. Considering that this aspect is such an easily examinable specification. Word travels quickly when things are obvious, especially difference in visuals. Graphics are visibly better on the PS4 when footage of the same cross-console game is shown in the identical scenario on the Xbox One. However, Microsoft is to release a console sometime in the near future that will once again compete with Sony. Project Scorpio is the “pro” version of the Xbox, and strictly spec wise, it is better than PS4 Pro. These systems are capable of 4k. Bigger tends to lean more on the side of more when it comes to pixels, and more always means more expensive.

Simple hardware that is commonly irrelevant among the consumer like wifi, bluetooth, and storage are all about the same among the 2. Statistics that do matter come from the GPU, CPU and memory. The Xbox excels in the graphics processing department with a statistically worse card. The difference is thought to be about 10%. Meanwhile Microsoft takes a notable win with their 8-core AMD processing unit that sits at a solid 1.75GHz, beating an al right 1.60GHz from Sony. Before the consoles were released, the CPUs on both systems had the same GHz. Antis were absolutely upped when advertised specs were actually boosted. Positive upgrades are great things; if these specs were lowered after being made public, gamers would not take it lightly.

The memory of the 2 platforms are both identical, except for the version of RAM. Sony went with the latest and fastest type called GDDR5 and Microsoft went the older DDR4.


Tastes are incredibly opinionated. It is truly hard to judge the look of any product on the market. From technology to beauty, doesn’t it really matter what’s inside? Well the Xbox One weighs 8 lbs, which is heavier than the PS4. Keeping tech portable in this day is a giant consideration the public makes before purchases. Weight can give people the illusion that it’s worth more, despite not being true. Sony actually fit their power supply inside the PS4, making it even less bulky. Critiquing weight and portability is painless, as opposed to adopted point of views.

The Graphics

Graphics processing is frequently used to describe the most important part of gaming PC’s, as well as consoles (which are technically computers). As of now, Microsoft is the cheaper version of the PS4 gaming wise with minor differences in functionality. Until they bring their new and improved product to market through Project Scorpio. The frequency of people paying for minuscule pros that do not outweigh the cons is too damn high.