With so many different television brands on the market at the moment it can be very difficult to know that you are making the right choice when it comes to choosing a new TV. The market seems to have grown with lesser known brands or even supermarkets own brands finding themselves on the shelves next to the bigger names. This short guide will help you think a little bit more about how to go about choosing the right brand of TV for you.

Does the brand really matter?

Ever year one of the largest consumer groups in the UK tests the offerings of the top TV brands. They find that most of the top brands are quite comparable on the whole. That said, it does seem that there are still considerable differences in the reliability scores of the top brands. The most common things that go wrong when it comes to the top brands are the picture quality, the sound quality followed by software issues. In the report that we read, it is actually LG that came out on top for the most reliable, with Toshiba sitting at the bottom of the table. However, different reviews very much put emphasis on different elements of the TV and so it is difficult to really know if the report is particularly reliable.

Unbranded televisions

There has certainly been a rise in the number of unbranded televisions that are particularly being stocked by supermarkets in recent times. It seems that these are being put together generally quite cheaply by large Chinese electronics companies. Basically, they are copies of the big brands. However, they can often offer the consumer a substantial saving when it comes to choosing a new television and so many people consider one.

Big features

Technology in televisions is of course constantly expanding. Most TV’s are now ‘smart’ and are able to do far more than simply watch TV. Most recently we have seen 4k TV’s being launched which offer the view ultra-high definition for some programmes. This could be a reason to choose one of the few big brands that are currently offering this feature. It may take a while for lesser known brands to catch up with these TV’s.


A big consideration when it comes to choosing a TV will be how long the warranty will last. Indeed, it is likely that if you are purchasing a high quality TV from a brand leader such as Samsung then you will be offered a considerably longer warranty than if you are purchasing a cheaper brand. However, at the same time this is not always the case. Sometimes, as an incentive the lesser known brand will offer customers an extra long warranty to try and purchase the product. This will then give you the peace of mind that perhaps you have been looking for when choosing your television.

Choosing a TV brand can be complicated. However, think carefully about these factors and you will get the TV you have been looking for.