There is a buzz created everywhere on Apple’s new launch of iPhone X. As wisely quoted by Apple CEO Tim Cook, “It is the biggest leap forward since the original iPhone.” Not only the hype created for iPhone X but also the functionalities provided by Apple can make you forget all the previous versions of iPhone series. From its overall appearance to how it functions, iPhone X makes a huge difference. Here is the complete guide that will help you to get familiar with Apple’s latest flagship.

Bionic chip:

iPhone X uses 64-bit powerful processor with a new graphics unit developed by Apple, which is 30 percent faster than the existing unit. It consists six cores and better performance than the A10 fusion chip. The performance enhancement achieved by 70 percent from the four cores.


The display screen is made up from a surgical-grade stainless steel and the rearmost panel is formed from a glass which collectively takes the whole of the phone’s visible panel. The iPhone first- OLED display with measures of 5.8 inches is super retina display that rectifies problems like less luminance Color contrast that were present in past versions of iPhone. It also repeats white balance dynamic adjustment that was present in iPhone 8 models.


The home button of the iPhone is designed on the front to make it intuitive. It works across the operating system over the platform by enabling multi-tasking. Also, it has raise gesture to wake up instead of swipe up. Siri works with voice enablement, side button, double tap.

Camera and Augmented Reality:

With new image signal processor, Apple provides cutting-edge pixel processing and a new color filter. In addition to that, both front and rear cameras are functioned with AR-kit (Augmented Reality Kit) enabled natural lighting effect with improvised 4K video facility. The camera is 12MP with optical image stabilization, comprising of a broad-angle f/1.8 aperture lens and a telephoto
f/2.4 aperture lens. The front camera is 7MP that facilitates portrait mode and has auto image stabilization and exposure control.

Face Recognition:

Apple’s introduces facial recognition technology on the iPhone X that works using the advanced camera system concealed in the cut at the top of the screen. If you look at the iPhone X, it will brighten your face with an infrared dot array, by letting the infrared camera to identify it. It operates also in the dark.

Software Protection:

Some software protections against people thieving your iPhone is executed by Apple. It works simply holding it to your face to unlock it which in any case is possible through the advanced facial recognition technology. In case if you don’t stare at the iPhone itself, it will not unlock and if you hold the buttons on both ends of the iPhone, the device will momentarily deactivate facial recognition function. Initially when Apple executed facial recognition, it had some bugs that should not be present at least for protection purposes. Although it reduces the pain of ios developers as the application automatically used touch.

Extended Battery Life:

The most interesting feature of iPhone-X is extended battery life enables phone to run without charging for whole day. In addition to that, battery size is bigger than that in iPhone 8. The phone is capable to be charged 50% just in 30 minutes which showcase that it has fast charging capabilities.

Wireless Charging:

Wireless charging is not a new concept for electronics industry. Apple has introduced Airpower charging iPhone X which means that the phone can be charges by just placing it on a wireless pad. The Airpower pad can charge multiple device at same time. Although the phone can be charged with existing Qi chargers also.

Animated Emoji:

With iPhone X, emoji has achieved new level as the advanced camera will portray your facial expressions that replicates the advanced version of Snapchat mask.